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Urine Test: Protein

What Is a Urine Test?

Testing a urine sample can help doctors find out what's going on when someone has an infection or other problem in kidneys, bladder, or other parts of the urinary tract.

To help your child get ready for a urine test, find out if they need to avoid any specific foods or activity before the test, or should stop taking any medicines.

Urine tests are painless. To help ease any fears, explain in simple terms how the test is done and why it's needed. Make sure your child understands that things like toilet paper or hair must not get in the sample.

What Is a Urine Protein Test?

A urine protein test measures the total amount of protein in the urine (pee). Doctors often do this test as part of a routine urinalysis to measure several chemicals in the urine.

Why Are Urine Protein Tests Done?

Healthy kidneys prevent large amounts of protein from entering the pee. So this test can help doctors screen for kidney disease. It also can let them monitor kidney function in kids already diagnosed with kidney disease or who take medicines that can affect the kidneys.

Sometimes a urine protein test is done on a single urine sample. Other times, protein is measured in a 24-hour collection of urine. If the test results show large amounts of protein in the urine, other tests may be ordered.

What if I Have Questions?

If you have questions about the urine protein test, talk to your doctor.

Reviewed by: Larissa Hirsch, MD
Date Reviewed: Mar 10, 2023

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