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Akron Children’s Hospital is taking steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. We are:

  • Limiting entry points at the Akron and Boardman campuses in order to ask screening questions and take the temperature of patients, visitors and staff.
  • Monitoring the temperature of patients, visitors and staff. 
  • Giving surgical masks to all Akron Children’s employees working on-site to provide protection against COVID-19.
  • Following CDC guidelines for hospitals by requiring masking, screening and other safety protocols at all our locations. We ask that patients and families wear face coverings when coming to any Akron Children's facility, except for kids under 2 or those with sensory issues. Masks will be provided if you do not wear your own. Learn about our safety measures.
  • Promoting social distancing in our facilities with Mobile Check-in, signs and floor markings.  
  • Limiting visitors:
    • Hospital visits: Up to 2 healthy adults may accompany patients in all hospital settings, except as noted below. Visitors must be 18 or older unless the under 18 visitor is the parent/guardian of a patient. Siblings are not permitted. 
    • Emergency Departments: We are currently seeing an increase in patients in our Emergency Departments. To keep our patients safe and allow room for proper social distancing, we have updated our visitation guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding at this time.
      • Only one caregiver is permitted while in the Emergency Department waiting room. When the patient is placed in an Emergency Department patient room, a second caregiver may join.
    • Note that additional restrictions may apply in our intensive care units, the burn unit, maternal-fetal medicine and hematology/oncology floor.

Visitor Passes

All visitors must wear a visitor badge and patient bracelet at all times to visit a patient. These passes are color-coded by floor and valid for one calendar day. Weekly passes are also available. Passes are issued at the information desks near screening entrances.

Inform your child’s nurse if you see someone on the floor without a visitor’s pass or a hospital ID badge.

Restrictions to Protect our Patients, Visitors and Employees

  • No weapons are allowed. Weapons including firearms, knives, and other dangerous items such as illegal drugs are not permitted, even if you have a concealed carry weapon permit. 
  • Perfume and scented products can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions. Please do not wear these products when visiting.