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Send an eCard

Would you like to send an eCard to a patient staying at Akron Children's Hospital? Design your eCard online and it will be printed and hand-delivered to a patient of your choice! Please be aware that eCards are only delivered Monday - Friday. eCards submitted on a weekend will be delivered on the next business day. eCards ordered over a weekend are held at the Reinberger Center and can be picked up anytime over the weekend.

Start Creating!

The Rules

  • Please note the eCards can only be delivered to current inpatients of Akron Children's Hospital who are listed in the patient directory.
  • eCards will not be mailed to the primary residence of the patient, and will be discarded if not deliverable within the hospital.
  • Akron Children's Hospital staff members have the right to delete and/or edit an ecard if they feel it contains inappropriate language or very personal/private information that may cause concern for a patient or patient's parent.