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Medical Records

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Our Health Information Management department processes, stores and retrieves patient medical records. Current patients may also access their health records through MyChart. To sign up for MyChart, request an enrollment form at your next appointment.

How to request medical records

To request a copy of your medical record or your child’s record for personal use, please send a signed authorization form or a handwritten request to:

Akron Children’s Hospital
ATTN: Health Information Management
One Perkins Square
Akron, OH 44308

Be sure to include the patient’s full name, date of birth, the specific records requested, and treatment dates. Also include your name, address, phone number and relationship to the patient. All requests must be signed and dated. We must have a written request to release any records.

You may also fax your signed release:

  • Patients, parents, guardians and third party requesters: 330-543-5360
  • Healthcare professionals: 330-543-3886

Copies for doctors and other care providers are free, otherwise customary charges will apply.

Call Health Information Management at 330-543-8552 for more information.

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