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Injury Prevention

Most childhood injuries are preventable, however, on average every year 512 children are admitted to Akron Children's Hospital as a result of a serious injury. Another 36,500 are treated for an injury in one of our Emergency Departments. Injuries ranging from schoolyard falls to high-speed automobile collisions are the leading cause of death and disability in children.

To reduce the incidence of childhood injuries, Akron Children's Injury Prevention team offers an array of injury prevention programs designed to educate children, parents and community members.

Efforts focus on:

  • Educating children and adults
  • Advocating for effective laws
  • Providing reduced cost safety products to low-income families
  • Conducting research
  • Creating safe environments

Our efforts are continually evolving to address the changing trends of injuries and the needs of the children in our communities. Annually, the Injury Prevention team looks for trends in the types of pediatric traumas and injuries we see to determine which areas would benefit from new programming or increased priority. Every year, our Injury Prevention team participates in numerous injury prevention outreach activities throughout the hospital's geographic footprint and targets activities in high risk zip codes identified through our Unintentional Childhood Injury reports.

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