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Quality/Patient Safety Goal:

Quality and Patient Safety

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Akron Children’s Hospital is committed to providing high-quality care and advancing pediatric medicine.

To ensure every child receives the best possible care, our quality teams are engaged in a continual search for how we can improve every aspect of care, safety and patient experience. Our goal is to ensure all children have access to care that meets their unique physical, mental and developmental needs. In our quest to achieve the best outcomes, we work with many quality improvement collaboratives to develop and implement new standards of care. We also rely on the input of our patients and families to help us better understand their needs as we strive to create a safe, welcoming environment that promotes healing.

Quality Goals

To achieve our goals, we use the 6 Aims of Health Care, as developed by the Institute of Medicine. This framework gives us a basis to analyze our performance and implement quality improvement projects.


Keeping our patients safe from harm


Providing evidence-based care and reducing overtesting and overtreatment


Respecting the values, needs and preferences of our patients and their families


Reducing wait times and delays in receiving care


Reducing waste and making better use of resources


Providing care that does not vary, regardless of gender, ethnicity, geographic location and socioeconomic status

The Quality and Safety Team

Akron Children’s Quality Cabinet is led by Chief Quality Officer Dr. Michael Bigham, with the assistance of Medical Director, Patient and Staff Safety Wendy, Van Ittersum and Director of Quality Services Jodi Simon. The Quality Cabinet is supported by targeted steering committees, and the teams are comprised of clinical, analytical, operational and effectiveness specialists deployed throughout our hospital system.

Michael Bigham, MD Chief Quality Officer Administrative responsibilities for all quality and safety areas. Co-chair of Quality Cabinet.

Wendy Van Ittersum, MD Medical Director, Patient and Staff Safety wvanittersum@akronchildrens.orgSafety administration responsibilities for all patients and employees.

Jodi Simon Director, Quality Services Quality administration responsibilities for quality leadership, projects and support. Co-chair of Quality Cabinet.

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