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MyChart Virtual Video Visits

What is MyChart Telehealth?

Epic MyChart allows patients to schedule virtual visits with their own providers while having the convenience of receiving care in their own home.

Join your virtual visit in three easy steps:

  1. Have an active MyChart Account.
  2. Download needed apps.
  3. Join your visit 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled date and time.

(See details in the next section for how to set up and download needed apps.)

  1. Download apps
    • You will need both the MyChart and VidyoConnect apps on your phone, tablet, or computer. Here's what the icons look like in the app stores:
      MyChart and VidyoConnect apps icons
      • If joining from a cell phone, tablet, or iPad:
        • Download the VidyoConnect App. No login required, download only.
        • Download the MyChart App.
      • If joining from a computer:
  2. Log into MyChart
    • Already have a MyChart Account - just log in.
    • No MyChart account, but have a scheduled virtual visit - check your e-mail for a link to set up an account.
    • No MyChart account and no e-mail with link - request access online by clicking here.
  3. e-Check-in
    • Click Visits to confirm the date and time of your scheduled virtual visit.
    • Get started early and update your information on MyChart up to 7 days before your virtual visit.
  1. Log in to your MyChart account.
  2. Select your child scheduled for the virtual visit and click on today's visit.
    • Follow the steps to complete the pre-check-in process.
  3. Click begin video visit.
    • VidyoConnect will launch; click join.

Virtual visits are available in many specialties for new and established patients. Be sure to ask when scheduling if a virtual visit is an option for your child.  

You can connect 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. It is recommended that you join at least 15 minutes prior to ensure you can connect successfully. If you are going to be late to your appointment you should contact the department to let them know. They may need to reschedule. ​​​​​​​

You do not need to add in a portal. You can swipe to close the app. When you launch the MyChart Visit the system will automatically pull in the portal. ​​​​​​​

This will display until a clinical staff member or the provider has joined the call.  Please be patient and feel free to call your department if no-one connects with you 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment time.

Try resetting your password. If that does not work call the MyChart Helpdesk at 330-543-4400 and select option 2.

Connect to Wi-Fi if possible (preferably not a hotspot). If you must use a hotspot, then place the hotspot near a window to receive a better signal.

  • Being closer to the hotspot will also help improve the wireless signal.
  • Disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi or hotspot if possible.

Check to make sure you allowed the MyChart App and VidyoConnect App access to your Camera and Microphone.

To check these settings on an iOS device, go to Setting>Privacy>Microphone and scroll down to the app to make sure it is toggled on by the green indicator. Follow the same steps for the Camera Privacy>Camera and scroll down to make sure it is toggle on.

For an Android device go into your phone Settings>Apps and search for the MyChart and Vidyo App and make sure you allow access to Camera and Microphone.

If you have allowed access to both MyChart and VidyoConnect to your Microphone and Camera and you are still having an issue, exit the video visit and rejoin the call in MyChart.

For an instructional guide sheet with pictures, click here and find the section for "Sounds and Video".

How to use MyChart Telehealth with iOS and Android

This video offers step by step instructions on how to download the MyChart and VidyoConnect apps as well as connecting to your virtual visit.