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I'm Skinny, So Does It Matter What I Eat?

I crave unhealthy food such as chips, French fries, candy, and ice cream. But I'm skinny, so does it matter if I eat these? Will it make me fat when I grow up?

The foods you mention can cause problems if you eat them regularly. They're high in fat and calories and low in nutrition. So even if you're skinny, eating a lot of them can be bad for your health.

These foods should not replace healthier ones in your diet. If you fill up on French fries and ice cream, you may be less likely to eat vegetables, fruit, and other healthy choices. So your body could be missing out on the nutrition it needs to grow and be its best.

Will these foods make you overweight later in life? They might. It all depends on how much you eat. Either way, eating too much of these foods over time can cause health problems.

That doesn't mean you can't ever eat these favorites, though. Just have them as occasional treats and be mindful of portion sizes. Set limits and plan when you'll eat them. For example, tell yourself you'll eat French fries once a week or that ice cream will be a party-only treat. And you may notice you have more energy and less cravings when you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

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Reviewed by: Mary L. Gavin, MD
Date Reviewed: Mar 15, 2022

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