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Diabetes To-Go Kit

What’s a Diabetes To-Go Kit?

A to-go kit is a small pouch or bag that holds all the diabetes supplies your child needs for daily and emergency care. It should be filled and ready, so you have everything you need at a moment’s notice. 

Where Should We Keep the Diabetes To-Go Kit?

The to-go kit should always be with or near your child. They should bring it to school, childcare, sports practice and games, on trips, or when visiting a friend or relative.

What Goes in the Diabetes To-Go Kit?

The kit should include:

  • blood sugar testing supplies: your child’s blood glucose meter (with extra batteries), lancets, and test strips for checking blood sugar
  • ketone test strips
  • insulin with syringes or insulin pens
  • pump supplies, if your child uses an insulin pump. Be sure to include insulin vials and syringes in case the pump stops working.
  • glucagon
  • fast-acting carbohydrates such as:
    • glucose tablets or gel
    • candy that your care team recommends to treat low blood sugar (just make sure it's safe for your child’s age)
  • healthy snacks (like crackers and peanut butter) for eating after treating low blood sugar
  • water
  • a container for safely discarding lancet devices, pen needles, or syringes
  • instructions on how to calculate your child’s insulin doses
  • a list of emergency contacts

Tip: If you live in a hot climate, use an insulated bag with cold packs to keep your child’s insulin cool.

Reviewed by: Cheryl Patterson, RD, LDN, CDCES
Date Reviewed: Nov 1, 2021

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