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Can Kids Get a COVID-19 Vaccine Along With the Flu Vaccine?

My family is getting the flu vaccine next week, and I’m wondering if my kids can get a COVID-19 vaccine then too. Is that safe?

Yes. It is safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine along with any other routine vaccine, including the flu vaccine.

All kids 6 months of age and older should get the flu vaccine as soon as it is available in their communities. All kids 5 years and older should get a COVID-19 vaccine, and kids 12 and older should also get a booster dose.

When COVID-19 vaccines first became available, experts had suggested that people not get other vaccines at the same time. Instead, they recommended getting them either 2 weeks before or after the COVID-19 vaccine. But now that millions of people have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine (including children), it’s clear that they’re safe and effective when given with other vaccines.

Getting both vaccines now can mean fewer trips to the doctor and feeling any vaccine-related side effects only once. Also:

  • The upcoming 2021-2022 flu season might be tougher than the last season because people are back at work and school. So it’s best not to put off getting the flu vaccine.
  • Many kids are behind on their regular vaccinations due to missed checkups during the pandemic. Getting more than one vaccine per visit lets them catch up on vaccinations.

Kids already get some routine childhood vaccines for different infections in a single shot, such as the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP) vaccine. And doctors often give multiple shots during one office visit. The immune system handles these well.

Some families might make two stops to get the vaccines — for example, they might get the COVID-19 shot at a pharmacy and the flu vaccine at the doctor’s office. Getting them around the same time but not on the same day is OK too.

Reviewed by: Karen A. Ravin, MD
Date Reviewed: 01-01-2022

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