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Using Teeth Whiteners During Pregnancy

Is it OK to Get My Teeth Bleached During Pregnancy?

Maybe. Few good studies have been done on teeth bleaching products that say for sure whether they're safe to use during pregnancy. Some makers of these products caution against using them during pregnancy. Some dentists encourage waiting until after pregnancy to get your teeth bleached and others say that the procedures are safe. The concern is mostly about the chemicals used in teeth bleaching products that could be swallowed and their potential effect on a fetus.

What Can Whiten Teeth?

The two main ways to get teeth whiter are:

  • Applying whitening products that contain bleaching chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide. This can be done by a dentist or at home using an over-the-counter kit.
  • Using a mild abrasive toothpaste that can scrape stains off the surface of the teeth.

What Else Should I Know?

Talk to your doctor or dentist before using bleaching products. If you'd rather wait until after your pregnancy to whiten your teeth, you can brush regularly with whitening toothpaste now, which may give a little extra kick to your smile.

Reviewed by: Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD
Date Reviewed: Jan 1, 2023

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