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Clubfoot: Moving the Legs in a Ponseti Brace (Video)

Correcting your child's clubfoot begins with a series of casts and ends with a brace.

After the foot's position is corrected in the casting phase, it must be maintained in the bracing phase for up to 5 years. The Ponseti clubfoot brace keeps the corrected foot growing like it should. If the brace isn't worn as directed, a corrected clubfoot will return to its original position (this is called a relapse).

While wearing casts, your child could move the legs independently. But both feet are in the brace, so your child's legs can only move together.

To help your child learn how to kick and swing the legs simultaneously:

  • Move the bar gently up and down so your baby sees how the legs can move and kick together.
  • Push and pull the brace so your child learns how to bend their knees while in the brace.

While it might take them a little longer, kids wearing a brace can learn how to sit, crawl, and walk just like other kids their age.

  • Moving the Legs in a Ponseti Brace

    Moving the Legs in a Ponseti Brace

Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts
Date Reviewed: Sep 20, 2023

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