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A Boy Named Finn: A Story About a Kid With Cancer

"A Boy Named Finn," a 12-minute video, is a gentle overview of cancer and common treatment experiences created for younger children. The show fills a need by providing high-quality programming about a difficult subject.

Finn's story, featuring puppetry, animation, and live action, was produced by KidsHealth and Little Airplane Productions, creators of "Wonder Pets!" and other award-winning shows for preschoolers.

  • A Boy Named Finn

    A Boy Named Finn

    Sometimes, little kids get cancer. That's why we created Finn. "A Boy Named Finn" is a 12-minute video that helps young children who are beginning cancer treatment. The show includes puppetry, animation, and real kids who were diagnosed with cancer.

Finn Answers Kids' Common Concerns

Finn's story aims to answer common questions and relieve anxiety about hospital stays, medicine, needles, and being separated from parents. "A Boy Named Finn" was created with help from pediatric oncologists, child psychologists, social workers, and other experts in pediatric cancer treatment. We've created a guide for parents and other adults who would like help using the video with young cancer patients.

But we didn't forget our audience. Finn jokes, sings songs, and does some silly dancing to keep the mood upbeat and playful. Finn retells his own cancer story, which began when he was diagnosed at age 4. The show flashes back to that first day in the hospital and how he adjusted to his stay there and got to know the doctors and nurses who would take care of him. Finn also shares how he and his family stuck together and made it through difficult days.

"A Boy Named Finn" was created, in part, by a grant from Hyundai Hope on Wheels®.

Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts

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