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A to Z: Synovitis, Transient

May also be called: Toxic Synovitis; Synovitis

Transient synovitis (sin-uh-VY-tis) is a temporary inflammation of a joint, most often the hip, that usually does not cause any long-term problems. It is also called "toxic synovitis."

More to Know

Transient synovitis is thought to be related to a viral infection. It can cause pain in one or both hips, but some kids feel the pain in the knee or thigh instead.

Kids with transient synovitis may limp when they walk, or even refuse to walk. Infants may crawl abnormally and cry more than usual, especially when their hip joints are moved (such as during diaper changes). Even though they might be uncomfortable and may have a low-grade fever, kids with transient synovitis still usually look well.

Keep in Mind

While transient synovitis can be uncomfortable, the pain usually goes away within 7–10 days. Children with hip pain should be evaluated by a health care provider.

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