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A to Z: Foreign Body, Nose

Having an object (also called a foreign body) in the nose is a common cause for a visit to the emergency room, especially for kids under age 6. After the foreign body is removed, kids will feel much better.

More to Know

Young kids often put things like pebbles, beads, food, or toy parts in their noses. Most objects don't cause harm; however, button cell batteries (such as those found in watches and some portable electronics) can cause chemical and electrical burns inside the nose, and magnets can cause pressure sores if they are pulling together across the septum (the area in between the nostrils).


Keep in Mind

It's not unusual for objects to have been in the nose for a while, and sometimes a bad smell develops from the buildup of germs. When this happens, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics for a possible sinus infection.

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