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I'm a Guy. Why Do I Have a Lump In My Breast?

I found a little lump in my left breast and I'm a guy! It only hurts a little when I press on it. What could this be?

When males go through puberty, all kinds of body changes take place. Some guys develop a small lump in one or both breasts, which can be tender. This is called gynecomastia, and it’s normal. In fact, about half of all males develop it during puberty. It usually goes away as they finish puberty.

Breast changes in teenage guys are part of puberty, and rarely are serious. Signs that could mean a problem include if the lump gets a lot bigger or becomes hard, or fluid comes out of the nipple. If that happens, see your doctor — though, again, breast changes in teen guys are almost never serious.

Even if you're not worried, it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor about your changing body. Your doctor is the best person to give you health advice. Plus, getting used to talking to your doctor now will help you get more out of your medical care as you mature.

Reviewed by: Amy W. Anzilotti, MD
Date Reviewed: Nov 4, 2020

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