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Garden-Fresh Lunches

School lunch doesn't have to be the most boring meal of the day. Light up your lunchtime by trying these five fresh, crunchy, creamy, yummy lunches. You'll need some help from an adult with the cutting, heating, and use of a food processor. But you can do many of the steps, so get cooking!

Garden Chicken Wrap

Got leftover chicken or turkey? This Garden Chicken Wrap is perfect for you. Add the meat to your favorite greens and veggies. Then top with a little dressing for extra yum.

chicken wrap

Pizzadillas With Red Sauce

Mmmmmmmm....pizzadillas! This is like pizza but you dunk your slices in the sauce. You can eat this one warm for dinner and take the leftovers the next day for lunch.

Pizzadillas With Red Sauce

Confetti Quinoa

What's quinoa? Quinoa (say: keen-wah) is an alternative to pasta and rice. It has a lot of protein, a hearty texture, and a nutty flavor. It can be eaten hot or cold, as in this quick dish, Confetti Quinoa. This recipe calls for frozen veggies, but feel free to use fresh if you prefer. Just saute them until tender crisp and add to cooked quinoa.

What's quinoa? Quinoa (say: keen-wah) is an alternative to pasta and rice. It has a lot of protein,

Cream Cheesy Cucumber Sandwiches

Cool as a cucumber, that's what these Cream Cheesy Cucumber Sandwiches are. You can find different varieties of cucumbers at the grocery store or farmer's market. Or if you're not in a cucumber mood, substitute with thin slices of raw zucchini.

cream cheese sandwich

Lean Green Pita Dippers

Take chips and dip to a whole new level with Lean Green Pita Dippers. First, you make your own crunchy pita chips. Then you dip them in this cool, creamy green dip. Will you share with other people at the lunch table? Probably not.

Lean Green Pita Dippers

Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts
Date Reviewed: Jan 1, 2023

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