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Eating Away From Home When You Have Diabetes

Mmm . . . Italian food . . . Chinese . . . seafood . . . no, wait — Mexican! Everybody loves to eat out. Can kids with diabetes go out to restaurants? Sure they can.

Diabetes & Restaurants: Which Ones Are OK?

Kids who have diabetes don't need to eat a special diet. But like all kids, they should eat a mix of healthy foods. No restaurant is off-limits, but if you're helping to choose a restaurant, look for ones that offer some nutritious items. You can check out menus online.

You don't have to find a place that serves soy burgers and carrot sticks — although that might be yummy! If you can choose some protein, fats, and carbohydrates, then you'll be able to eat healthy.

Sometimes you'll go to restaurants that have just what you want and need. Other times, you may have trouble finding something. If that happens, remember that many restaurants will answer your questions and make substitutions, if you ask.

Diabetes & Eating Away From Home: Some Quick Tips

Try these tips when you're dining out:

  • Get answers. Sometimes, the menu doesn't really tell you what's in a dish or how it's prepared (for example, whether it's baked or fried). Go ahead and ask. The person taking your order should know the answers or be able to find them out for you.
  • Make changes. To get a well-balanced meal, ask if you can substitute certain ingredients or side orders (for example, you could ask for salad instead of fries). Don't feel weird about it — people ask for changes all the time. In some restaurants, you can ask the cook to prepare something in a different way. You might ask to have your chicken broiled instead of fried, for example.
  • Watch the sides. Avoid foods with sauces or gravy, and ask for low-fat salad dressings on the side.
  • Pick your own portion. Portions can be very big at restaurants. Feel free to eat only part of your order and take the rest home. You can also split your order with a parent or friend.

Diabetes & Eating Away From Home: What Should I Bring With Me?

When you go out to eat, bring the things you take with you everywhere, like testing supplies, snacks, and medicines. Another helpful tool is a book or app that lists the calories, fats, and carbs in certain foods. Ask your doctor or dietitian about these if you don't have one. Then use it to choose healthy options from the menu yourself. If you use things like artificial sweeteners or fat-free spreads, feel free to bring them along too.

If you take insulin (say: IN-suh-lin), there's no need to stay home if you have to eat later than usual — in most cases, you can just make a few adjustments to your medicine schedule.

Once you know how to eat healthy, you can do it almost anywhere. Now, the only question is, do you want the chicken taco salad, the lobster tail, or . . . mmm . . . pizza!

Reviewed by: Cheryl Patterson, RD, LDN, CDCES
Date Reviewed: Jan 1, 2022

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