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Located in Tallmadge, Ohio, the Family Child Learning Center (FCLC) is a nationally-recognized research and training program dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of young children with developmental concerns and their families. Our staff includes prominent experts who work with young children with disabilities and their families.

The FCLC …

  • provides family-centered developmental services
  • offers applied interdisciplinary training to parents, students and professionals
  • conducts research on the effectiveness of practices and service models for promoting the development of young children
  • disseminates information regarding quality practices for addressing the needs of young children with developmental concerns and their families
  • collaborates with related organizations and the early intervention system to encourage continuous improvement in services to families and children
  • creates opportunities for the growth and development of all staff

Each year, the FCLC provides services to an average of 150 children and their families and presentations/workshops for more than 2,000 parents and professionals across Ohio, nationally and internationally.


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Family Child Learning Center
Akron Children's Hospital Specialty Care
143 Northwest Avenue
Building A
Tallmadge, Ohio 44278
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Our Doctors/Providers

Early Intervention

Studies show that starting intervention early makes a difference for toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. Connections, a program offered by Akron Children’s Family Child Learning Center, is a short-term, intensive developmental intervention program for families of toddlers newly diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Toddlers with ASD learn best through ongoing and repeated opportunities to interact with the people they know and love. Connections offers twice-weekly visits, where we teach parents and others involved in the child’s life strategies to use throughout the day. These strategies, when used regularly and consistently, have been shown to help toddlers with ASD develop and learn. In addition, Connections will help parents figure out how to respond to behaviors that might be puzzling or difficult to manage.

Connections is offered not only at FCLC but also virtually for those families who live some distance away from the center. Families connect to an FCLC early interventionist via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone in their home. Families have told us that after the first few virtual visits, it’s almost as if the computer isn’t there.

Connections is for the entire family. During our visits, we can answer questions about Autism Spectrum Disorder, and discuss how to share information with extended family and friends and connect with other families who have a child with ASD.

There is no financial cost for families. However, we will be asking for assistance in collecting information on the strategies ideas between our visits, as well as information on the impact of the program.

FCLC InteGREAT™ Preschool

The InteGREAT™ Preschool at the Family Child Learning Center is a research and intervention preschool for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The program uses a developmental, social-pragmatic model for teaching children with ASD, which emphasizes enhancing children’s social communication skills through their interactions with others. The preschool also incorporates components from TEACCH and ABA philosophies into its program. The classrooms use a combination of one-on-one, small group, large group, and free play activities to engage children in their environment and in learning activities. It is an adult-structured, child-directed program with an emphasis on functional communication, social reciprocity, play, and behavior.

Parent Component

The InteGREAT preschool recognizes the importance of parents in their child’s education and makes parent-teacher communication a key component of their program. Teachers regularly share pictures and narratives of children’s classroom experiences through an individual blog created for each child. In addition, parents of children with ASD meet regularly with teachers to discuss strategies to address their child’s learning and behavioral needs in the home environment.


InteGREAT Preschool is proud to be conducting state-of-the art research and program evaluation. Current research efforts are examining the communication of children with ASD and typical peers.  Research has been presented at state and national conferences and published in reputable journals. Other components of the program, such as the use of technology, have been topics of many webinars and workshops.

Who's in the Classroom

Children with ASD (ages 3-5 years) and typically-developing peers (ages 2.5-4 years) participate in the preschool each year; children with ASD attend four half-days/week and peers attend two half-days/week. Classroom staff includes three teachers, a speech-language therapist, and students from area universities. Lead teachers are licensed in Early Education and certified in Early Childhood Intervention. FCLC is registered as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Scholarship Provider.

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