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Early Intervention Hearing Services

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The Family Child Learning Center provides Early Intervention Hearing Services (EIHS) through a contract with the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. The program works with 55 counties across the state and their Help Me Grow Early Intervention programs to provide specialized services to families with infants and toddlers (newborn to age 3) who are hearing impaired.

Services are provided in the child’s natural environment through a tele-practice platform. Families connect to provider via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone in their home.  The program follows a coaching model with an emphasis on family involvement through play and daily routines.

The team consists of audiologists and speech language pathologists that have specialized training and expertise in working with families who have young children with hearing loss.

EIHS offers:

  • Information regarding the impact that being deaf or hearing impaired has on speech and language development
  • Information regarding hearing aids, cochlear implants and communication options
  • Strategies to promote hearing and communication skills
  • Links to community resources and additional service providers
  • Assistance in transition to preschool

Services are provided at no cost to families involved in Ohio’s Help Me Grow program. For more information please contact The Family Child Learning Center at 330-633-2055.

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