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Why Do My Testicles Ache?

I'm 14 years old and I've recently had aching testicles for a few hours a day maybe twice a month. I thought it might be growing pains, but could it be due to masturbation or because I keep my laptop on my lap constantly? Is it an infection? There are no lumps but it seems to be faintly swelled. I have not injured my testicles.
– Luke*

It's good that you asked this question! Guys should always take testicular pain seriously, even if there's no obvious injury. Some of the things that cause testicular pain can lead to permanent damage if they go on for too long.

Because your pain keeps coming back and there might be some swelling, you should tell a parent and call your doctor's office right away. It's possible that you are having "growing pains," but only a doctor can tell for sure. Your doctor may send you to a urologist, a specialist in conditions that affect a guy's reproductive system.

Masturbation will not cause the kind of pain that you describe. Neither will using a laptop — though it's best to sit at a desk or table when using one. If you can't do that, put a pillow between your body and your laptop.

*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.

Reviewed by: Lonna P. Gordon, MD
Date Reviewed: Dec 2, 2020

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