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Health Care Careers (Video)

Health care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. There's big demand for some professions, like nursing. Qualified people usually find jobs easily. Other fields, like music therapy, are fairly new on the scene. There might be all kinds of new, nontraditional medical jobs like that in the future.

These videos highlight some health and medical careers. Click on a job to find out what skills and degrees you need, and to get an idea of what a typical workday is like.

If you're interested in a career in health or medicine, talk to your school counselor. Some hospitals have volunteer programs that let high school students get a firsthand idea of what a particular job is all about. Your counselor can help you learn more about health care jobs.

  • My Job: Cast Technician

    My Job: Cast Technician

    Kids (and adults) break bones – a lot. So the people who put casts on and take them off will always be busy. Angel talks about the fun, fast-paced work environment that you’ll find in a hospital cast room.

  • My Job: Child Life Specialist

    My Job: Child Life Specialist

    Not many people know what child life specialists do. Laura talks about the many ways she helps kids through medical treatments, how she got interested in her job, and what's involved in training.

  • My Job: ER Doctor

    My Job: ER Doctor

    It’s a huge commitment to be an ER doc. But how many people can say they save lives and really mean it? Yamini talks about the rewards – and pressures – of her job.

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