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Enrollment for Two-factor Remote Access through the Akron Children’s email Web Portal

Accessing myKidsnet and email from home

How can I access myKidsnet and my email from home if I don’t have VPN access?

All Akron Children’s employees can access myKidsnet, their email and other tools such as Epic and Kronos without having VPN access. However, to ensure this access is secure, the hospital now requires two factor identification to confirm a user’s identity. This involves entering not only your user ID and password but also a code sent to your mobile phone via app or text message using the Imprivata tool.

Please follow the instructions below for enrolling in two-factor remote access through our email web portal. 

Once you’ve done that, you can access myKidsnet from the myKidsnet (For Employees) link at the bottom (lower left) of the homepage of the hospital’s website You will be prompted enter your normal log-in information (user name and password), followed by the Imprivata code to access myKidsnet.

Once you’re on the myKidsnet site, click on the APPS tab for the dropdown menu of available applications. To access your email, just click on the Web Email (envelope) icon.

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