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Pediatric Infectious Disease

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We specialize in diseases and syndromes that attack or compromise the immune system of infants, children and teens, including persistent infections that don't respond to conventional antibiotic treatments. We also consult on patients with complex, undiagnosed diseases and fevers of unknown origin, and conduct research into new methods and treatments of infectious diseases.

Diagnosis begins with a detailed review of your child's medical and family history and a thorough physical exam. Lab tests and imaging techniques may also be necessary.

Among the common infectious diseases we diagnose and treat are neonatal infections, pneumonia, meningitis, bone and joint infections, Kawasaki disease and HIV infections.

We also pursue new methods and medicines for the treatment of infectious diseases. We have participated in a number of vaccine trials, including chickenpox, pertussis and meningococcal meningitis, to test their safety and effectiveness before they are recommended for FDA approval.


Contact Infectious Disease

330-543-8395 Appointments

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Infectious Disease
Akron Children's Pediatric Infectious Disease, Akron
Main Hospital Building
214 West Bowery Street
Akron, Ohio 44302
Fax: 330-543-3257
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Our Doctors/Providers

Department Heads:
Shankar Upadhyayula
Shankar Upadhyayula, MD

Director, Pediatric Infectious Disease; Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist

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Hanan Haydar, MD

Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist


Evelyn Scott Pangonis, MD, MS, FAAP

Medical Director, Infection Control and Prevention; Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist


Eric Robinette, MD, MPH

EPIC Medical Director, User Experience; Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist


Some of the Conditions We Treat...

Adenovirus, anthrax, avian flu, bone and joint infections, bronchiolitis, campylobacter infections, chickenpox, croup, e. coli infections, fever, flu, fungal infections, giardiasis, h1n1 flu, hand-foot-mouth disease, hepatitis, immunocompromise, infectious diarrhea, Kawasaki disease, malaria, meningitis, mononucleosis, neonatal infection, pericarditis, pinkeye, pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus, rotavirus, salmonella infections, scabies, shigella infections, smallpox, strep throat, tetanus, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, whooping cough

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