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Pediatric Interventional Radiology

We offer the only interventional radiology program dedicated to infants, children and teens in northeast Ohio. With interventional radiology, we can sometimes eliminate the need for your child to undergo traditional surgery, thereby reducing risk, pain, scarring and recovery time.

What is interventional radiology?

Our pediatric interventional radiologist diagnoses and treats diseases and injuries in the least invasive way using different types of imaging machines - such as ultrasound, fluoroscopy and CT. The images help the doctor guide tiny instruments through the body to those hard-to-reach areas. With interventional radiology, our patients receive the lowest risk and least discomfort possible.

Who can benefit from pediatric interventional radiology?

In general, all the image-guided techniques applied to adults can be performed in children, although the indications in children generally differ.

We use interventional radiology to:

  • Guide the placement of feeding tubes, drainage tubes and central venous catheters
  • Perform biopsies that previously would have required open surgery
  • X-ray the joints of the hip, shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • Perform joint injections for the treatment of juvenile arthritis or sports injuries
  • Treat certain types of vascular malformations, particularly those that don’t respond well to surgery, using sclerotherapy, embolization or lasers

Our interventional radiology suite

Our dedicated interventional radiology suite allows us to provide more options for minimally invasive procedures in children with faster recovery times and less pain, risk and scarring than traditional surgery.

It features an angiography unit to examine blood vessels in even the tiniest patients and a cone-beam CT scanner for the most precise image-guided procedures.

Care just for your child

Our goal is to provide the best image-guided treatment option for your child, while exposing him or her to the smallest amount of radiation necessary. We are trained in meeting the special medical and behavioral needs of children, and take every precaution to make sure your child is safe. We also work closely with your child’s primary care doctor and pediatric specialists to provide the best possible care.

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Interventional Radiology
Akron Children's Hospital Interventional Radiology
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Akron, Ohio 44308
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Our Doctors/Providers

Department Heads:
Janice McDaniel
Janice McDaniel, MD

Director, Interventional Radiology; Pediatric Interventional Radiologist


Kristi Bogan, MD, DABR

Pediatric Radiologist

Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants:

Some of the Conditions We Treat...

cancer, congenital vascular malformations, arteriovenous malformations, vascular malformations, renovascular hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease, juvenile arthritis, joint injuries, gastrointestinal disease