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Hereditary Cancer Program

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We provide a risk assessment for individuals whose personal or family history may suggest an inherited predisposition to certain cancers. Those found to be at increased risk due to an inherited gene change can take steps to reduce their chances of developing cancer.

A hereditary cancer evaluation includes a detailed assessment of family history and medical records to determine the cancer risk for the patient and family. If an inherited risk is identified, genetic testing is discussed, including the benefits and limitations, costs and insurance coverage.

For those who choose to pursue testing, results are discussed in detail. Those who carry a predisposing gene change, will be counseled on risk reduction strategies, management options, and testing alternatives for family members.

People who may benefit include those with a personal or family history of:

  • Cancer with early age of onset
  • Multiple family members with cancer or multiple related cancers in the same patient, such as bilateral breast, or breast and ovarian cancers
  • Unusual cancers or sites of cancers, such as male breast cancer
  • Known hereditary cancer syndrome and/or a previously identified cancer susceptibility gene mutation
  • Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, and breast or ovarian cancer at any age

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