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Meet Hillary N., Parent Mentor at Akron Children's

Hillary N.

Hillary's Story

As a first-time mom, I never would of imagined the challenges my daughter, Mila, would face in her first 144 days of life. Mila was born at 28 weeks weighing only 1 pound 8 ounces. She suffered from inter-uterine growth restriction (IUGR) and her heart rate was decelerating so we delivered via emergency csection. Immediately, Mila was transported to the Akron Children’s NICU at the main campus. Mila was intubated for 95 days and after several failed extubation attempts, she was even labeled with a critical airway. Despite her size and all of the procedures she underwent - including blood transfusions, PICC line insertions, a PDA repair, bronchoscopy, feeding difficulties, discovering a cleft palate she never stopped fighting - I will never forget when a nurse said “when you take her home.” It gave me so much hope that this roller coaster would come to an end one day.

Mila was discharged with oxygen and a feeding tube (G-tube). We have a long road ahead with therapies and surgeries but being home has allowed her to make big strides. We no longer have the feeding tube or oxygen. She is an energetic two-year-old and is enjoying being a big sister.

Hillary is a parent mentor for these conditions: Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Cleft Lip and Palate, Laryngomalacia, Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Prematurity.

Hillary is a mentor for these care services: Cardiology, Ear Nose Throat (ENT), Feeding and Nutrition, Gastroenterology, Neurology, NICU, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Pulmonary

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