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Mark A. Watson Center for Operational Excellence

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Process Improvement Through People Development™

Akron Children’s Center for Operational Excellence is committed to helping our hospital make continuous improvements, so we can provide a better experience for our patients, their families and our staff.

OpEx Business Model

The center works across the organization to cultivate an environment that embraces problem-solving and teamwork. Staff members serve as a resource for managers and teams, providing one-on-one coaching, training and support to eliminate barriers, lead effective change, and facilitate improvements to meet the hospital’s strategic goals. They do this by using Lean principles to identify needs and determine how to add value, maximize efficiencies and eliminate waste – whether improving the operations of our daily processes or designing our hospital’s physical spaces.

For projects of any size, the staff of the Center for Operational Excellence ensures that all hospital employees understand how the work they do each day directly aligns with our organization’s mission, vision and promises, as well as our strategic goals.

While the work of our center has helped drive continuous improvement efforts in the delivery of our patient care, the staff has also partnered with community organizations to help them streamline and improve their organizational processes as well.

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