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Welcome to Akron Children's Pediatrics, Ontario and Ashland West

Pediatric Consultants of Ashland & Mansfield are now part of Akron Children’s Pediatrics, a network of more than 40 primary care offices. Links to the webpages for these offices are below. Before you click through, we want to share some details with you.

What's changed

  • The offices have new names. The Ashland office is now called Akron Children’s Pediatrics, Ashland West. The Mansfield location is Akron Children’s Pediatrics, Ontario. 
  • You can schedule an appointment 7 days a week by calling 330-543-2778 or using MyChart. Don't have a MyChart account? Sign up HERE.

What's the same

  • The providers you know and trust, who are dedicated to providing exceptional care for your child. 
  • Our office hours and phone numbers. 

Akron Children’s Pediatrics accepts most health insurance plans, including Medicaid. Welcome to the Akron Children’s Pediatrics family! 

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