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Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) Instructions

The Multiple Sleep Latency Test is a series of nap studies that will be performed following your child's overnight sleep study or PSG. The MSLT is conducted in the sleep lab.

In order for the study to be as accurate as possible, please follow these instructions for the day of the study.

  • One parent/guardian is expected to stay with the patient throughout the MSLT, although the parent/guardian will be permitted to walk around the hospital, if needed.
  • The first nap will begin approximately 2-3 hours after being awakened from the sleep study. Each nap lasts 20-35 minutes. There will be 2 hours separating each nap.
  • Between naps, the patient is instructed to not fall asleep, lie down or even sit in bed; the patient will be sitting in a chair or standing.
  • Bring clothes your child can wear during the day.
  • Bring your child's normal medications.
  • Bring toys, books, movies, puzzles, etc., to occupy your child between naps.
  • Breakfast & lunch will be provided for patient only.
  • Please fill out the 2 week sleep log that is included and bring it with you to the PSG/MSLT.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Mike Merritt, Sleep Lab Coordinator, at 330-543-8885.