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Parking: Access to Departments by Parking Deck

Emergency Room Parking
177 W. Exchange St.
Akron, OH 44302

Emergency patients only - free valet parking

Behavioral Health ER, Akron ER, Akron

P1 Bowery Parking Deck
199 W. Bowery St.
Akron, OH 44308

Addiction Services Admitting Adolescent Medicine, Akron Adoptive Health Services Akron Children's Anesthesiology, Akron Arrhythmia Center Audiology Behavioral Health, Akron Breastfeeding Medicine, Akron Burn Institute Cancer and Blood Disorders, Akron Cardiac Neurodevelopmental Follow-Up Program Cardiology, Akron Cardiovascular Surgery, Akron Craniofacial Center Critical Care Medicine Cystic Fibrosis Center Day Rehab Dermatology, Akron Down Syndrome Program ENT Center Eating Disorder Program, Akron Endocrinology Epilepsy Program Feeding Disorders Program, Akron Fetal Treatment Center Foundation Office Gastroenterology Gender Affirming Medicine Genetic Center Head Injury Clinic Healthy Active Living Heart Center Hospital Medicine, Akron Infectious Disease Infusion and Sedation Center Inpatient Psychiatry Intensive Outpatient Program, Akron Interventional Radiology Locust Pediatric Care Group Maternal-Fetal Medicine Center Motility Program Myelo Clinic Myopia Control Clinic Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine, Akron NeuroDevelopmental Science Center Neurobehavioral Health Neurology Neuromuscular Clinic Neurosurgery Occupational Therapy Orthopedics Osteogenesis Imperfecta Clinic Outpatient Lab, Akron Pain Center Palliative Care Partial Hospitalization Program, Akron Pediatric General Surgery, Akron Pediatric Surgery Pharmacy Physiatry, Akron Physical Therapy Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center Pulmonary Function Lab Pulmonary Medicine, Akron Radiology Rehabilitative Services Rheumatology Runner's Academy, Akron Scleral Lens Clinic Skeletal Dysplasia Center Sleep Lab, Akron Spasticity Clinic Specialty Pharmacy Speech Therapy Spine Center Sports Health, Akron Sports Medicine, Akron Sports Orthopedics, Akron Turner Syndrome Center Urology Vision

P2 Exchange Parking Deck
348 Locust St.
Akron, OH 44302

Entry on Locust St. between Cedar and Exchange

Akron Children's Dental Clinic NICU, Akron Children's Outpatient Surgery Center, Akron

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