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How Can I Talk to My Mom About Guy Stuff?

My Dad Isn't Around. How Can I Talk to My Mom About Guy Stuff?

When you’re going through all the changes of puberty, you should have someone you can go to when you have a question or concern. That person could be your mom. (Moms know about guy stuff too!) Chances are she expects you to have questions about body changes. You also could turn to a male relative, like a grandfather, uncle, or older cousin. When you visit your doctor, you can ask them questions. They’re experts in how kids’ bodies grow and change.

If you still have questions or concerns, you can visit a health website for kids (like this one!) or find a good book about growing up. Your mom could help you find one or you could search the health section in your local library. Sometimes knowing a few facts can help you feel more comfortable when talking to your mom about growing up.

Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts
Date Reviewed: Oct 2, 2023

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