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Why Doesn't Anyone Like Me as a Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Some of My Friends Already Have Girlfriends or Boyfriends, But I Don't. Should I Worry?

The middle school years are a funny time for romance. Some kids are happy to keep romance at a distance right now. But others might be wondering when they will get a girlfriend or boyfriend, especially if their friends already have them.

For starters, don't be so sure that no one likes you that way. Some might be too shy to say anything. It can be so embarrassing if someone finds out! Or you might be friends with somebody who likes you, but you just never thought of them that way.

Chances are excellent that someone will like you someday, and hopefully they'll be brave enough to say so. The best advice we can give for right now is to enjoy the friends you have. You also might think about the kind of girls or guys you like — smart, cute, nice, funny, athletic, artsy? Maybe all those things? If you burped really loud, would your crush be annoyed or laugh until their stomach hurt?

Reviewed by: KidsHealth Medical Experts
Date Reviewed: Oct 2, 2023

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