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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Includes specialty programs: Sports Rehab / Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

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If your child or teen has been injured or has movement problems from an illness, disease or disability, we are specially trained to use a variety of treatments to help build strength, improve movement, and strengthen skills needed to complete daily activities.

We have one focus: kids

We know the best way to get children motivated and involved is through play. That's why we use balls, swings and all kinds of toys to help kids build strength and improve motor function, balance and coordination in fun, creative ways. We even use therapy dogs from our Doggie Brigade to help motivate kids in completing physical therapy activities.

Therapy activities are used to decrease pain and help children and young adults return to daily activities. We adapt equipment, advise on the selection and use of wheelchairs, offer suggestions for splinting and orthotics, and fit Jobst pressure garments for burn patients. Exercises are designed to restore strength, flexibility, movement and function to muscles and joints. 

Some reasons for a referral to physical therapy may include:

  • Developmental and motor skill delay 
  • Gait training 
  • Rehabilitation of orthopedic or sports injuries
  • Rehabilitation after traumatic injury
  • Pain reduction
  • Biofeedback training 
  • Respiratory training 
  • Burn scars 
  • Life skills training 
  • Muscle tightness or weakness
  • Torticollis or flat head in infants

We provide care to patients in both the hospital and outpatient setting, and serve as a resource to schools and community programs. We are affiliated with more than 20 universities for teaching of students.

Sports Rehabilitation

From personalized sports physical therapy treatments to rehabilitation following injury and surgery, we help children, teens and adults get back to doing the activities they love as quickly and safely as possible. Visit the Sports Rehabilitation web page.

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Occupational Therapy, Akron
Akron Children's Hospital Specialty Care
214 W. Bowery Street
Akron, Ohio 44308
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Physical Therapy, Boardman
Akron Children's Hospital Specialty Care
6505 Market St.
Boardman, Ohio 44512
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Rehabilitative Services, Hudson
Akron Children's Hospital Specialty Care
5655 Hudson Drive
Hudson, Ohio 44236
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Our Doctors/Providers

Erin Shilling
Erin Shilling, PT, DPT, CIDN

Physical Therapist

Infant Therapy Program

The Akron Children's Hospital Infant Therapy Program provides complete evaluation and treatment for infants and children (birth to 3 years) who have delays with development or who are at risk for developmental delays. The team works closely with the developmental pediatricians at Akron Children's. These specialized services are available upon referral from your child's pediatrician.

A number of factors may place your child at risk for developmental delays. Some common factors include:

  • Low birth weight
  • Prematurity
  • Congenital or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Persistent irritability
  • Lack of active movement
  • Poor feeding skills
  • Poor weight gain

The Infant Therapy team is a group of specialists who will assess your child's abilities and, if necessary, recommend a treatment program designed for your child. Their ultimate goal is to assist you in helping your child achieve daily skills such as eating, moving, talking and playing. Our specialists will evaluate your child in the following areas:

  • Physical therapy: Posture and movement
  • Occupational therapy: Visual skills and the use of hands
  • Speech pathology: Oral feeding, listening and vocalizing
  • Dietary: Nutrition and growth
  • Social work support: Accessing community resources