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School Success Clinic

Akron Children’s NeuroDevelopmental Science Center offers a School Success Clinic to help children,  teens and young adults with academic needs. Our team addresses a variety of factors that may be causing problems in school, such as delays in speech or language, functional motor skills, learning disabilities or mental health disorders significantly affecting school performance.

The team in the School Success Clinic includes a pediatric school psychologist, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, psychometrist, speech and language pathologist and occupational therapist. A triaging process is utilized to be sure this clinic best fits your child's needs.

The evaluation

Children who are referred to the School Success Clinic will receive a thorough evaluation that includes speech and language testing, occupational therapy evaluation, psychoeducational testing and a medical exam. We will identify your child’s strengths and areas of difficulty. We will review your child’s medical history, current medications and any intervention or therapy services. We will also review relevant school documents, such as an Evaluation Team Report (ETR), Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Plan or Intervention Plan.

How we can help

Our team will review our findings and give you our recommendations in a written report. Children who do not need an IEP or Section 504 may still benefit from other services, such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy tutoring, counseling or other services tailored to your child’s needs.

If your child already has an IEP and is still struggling, we can review current accommodations or suggest changes to make sure the IEP is effective.

Make an appointment

A referral from your child’s doctor is required. To determine if your child is eligible for an evaluation and to verify insurance coverage, you or your child’s doctor should call  330-543-8050.

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NeuroDevelopmental Science Center
Akron Children's Hospital NeuroDevelopmental Science Center, Akron
Considine Professional Building
215 West Bowery Street
Level 4
Akron, Ohio 44308
Fax: 330-543-8054
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Our Doctors/Providers

Department Heads:
Katrina Lindsay
Katrina Lindsay, PhD, NCSP

Director: School Success Clinic and Tic and Tourette Service; Pediatric Psychologist; Nationally Certified School Psychologist

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Jacqueline Branch, MD, FAAP

Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrician

Other Providers:

Morgan Bishop, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech and Language Pathologist

Taylor Lewis, OT

Occupational Therapist

Roshawnda Wynn, OT

Occupational Therapist

Some of the Conditions We Treat...

Autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, Down Syndrome, anxiety, depression