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School Health Services

Akron Children’s Hospital is providing school-based health centers to deliver medical care in a location where children already spend a lot of time: at school.

Our School Health Services address the ongoing healthcare needs of children who have chronic conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, to help them manage their illnesses. This helps keep them healthy, in school and ready to learn. Our nurses also ensure children with complex healthcare needs, including those who are ventilator-dependent or need tube feedings, are able to attend school.

Our services include wellness programs to keep all schoolchildren in grades K-12 healthy. Our staff is actively involved in supporting legislation that helps schools meet the healthcare needs of their students. We also look for new ways to bring resources together to benefit the health and wellbeing of schoolchildren, and provide health-related training to school personnel.


Our school-based health centers are located in a private space at school and offer:

  • Care for sore throats, rashes, pink eye, stomachaches, coughs, headaches and other minor illnesses
  • Annual well-child check-ups
  • Sports, camp, school and work physicals
  • Help with managing asthma
  • Hearing and vision tests
  • Tips on eating healthy foods and staying safe
  • Referrals to specialty care, mental health and community resources
  • Teen health: drug, alcohol and tobacco use; pregnancy; sexually transmitted diseases; and depression

Our nurse practitioner, Camilla Giallourakis, APRN, will see your child either in-person or over telehealth.

  • Well child visits are in-person visits and include recommended immunizations.
  • Sick visits can be either in-person or over telehealth. Using state of the art technology, the nurse practitioner can hear heart and lung sounds and see in your child’s ears, nose and throat for a full exam even if she is not physically at the school that day.

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Our Doctors/Providers

Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants:

FAQs for Parents & Guardians

Q: What is a school-based health center?
A: A school-based health center provides basic medical care for students at the school. Your child can be examined, diagnosed and treated in person or over virtual care technology (telehealth) by a nurse practitioner while at school.

Q: What is telehealth?
A: Telehealth is health care provided “virtually” by use of technology. In this school-based health center, your child will be in the school nurse’s office and visit the nurse practitioner through the computer or iPad. This is similar to FaceTime on an iPhone. Using a hand-held device, the nurse practitioner is able to do a full exam, including hearing heart and lung sounds and seeing in the ears, nose and throat.

Q: Will my child’s information and appointment be private?
A: Yes. The in-person and virtual (telehealth) appointments are held in a private room at the school on a private video connection. The people who will know what happened in the visit will be you, the nurse practitioner, the school nursing staff in your school building and your regular provider if you have one.

Q: How does this program work?
A: Students are evaluated by the Akron Children’s Hospital school nursing staff. With your consent, your child will be scheduled to see the nurse practitioner either in person or via telehealth during school hours for minor medical needs or wellness visits. If a prescription is needed, it will be sent to your local pharmacy. If you have a regular provider, a note will be sent to let them know your child was cared for and treated in the school-based health center.

Q: Will my child be seen by a nurse practitioner every time he or she goes to the school clinic?
A: No. Akron Children’s Hospital school nursing staff will continue to provide the same level of excellent care to your student. If the nursing staff thinks that your child will benefit from seeing a nurse practitioner, she will request your permission for that to happen.

Q: How will I know what took place during my child’s appointment?
A: The nurse practitioner will attempt to reach you by calling the phone number provided on the consent form. In addition, you will receive an after-visit summary sent home with the student and mailed to your home that details the visit and any recommended follow-up and prescriptions.

Q: Does Akron Children’s need permission to treat my child?
A: Yes. Every student needs a signed consent form in order to be treated. A signed consent from the student’s parent/guardian will ensure access to this service until they graduate. If no signed consent is on file, a telephone consent can be obtained. Your child will never be seen or treated at the school-based health center without consent.

Q: Do school-based health center appointments cost money?
A: Yes – but no child will be turned away due to inability to pay. Coverage with private insurance varies; copays and deductibles will apply. If you have Medicaid, charges will be billed directly to the insurance company. No copays or fees will be collected at the school.

Q: Will this school-based program replace my child’s primary care doctor?
A: No. Anytime your child has a medical need, your first call should be to your child’s primary care doctor. If your child doesn’t have a doctor, the Akron Children’s team will help you find one.

Q: What are other benefits of the school-based health center?
A: The health centers are convenient for parents, eliminating the need to miss work or arrange transportation. Students can stay in school longer, only missing class for the length of their appointment. Best of all, Akron Children’s Hospital providers will provide high-quality care with the goals of improving students’ health and performance in school.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. Sign and return the consent form to the school nurse clinic.

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