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Pediatric Contact Lens Program

Children with certain eye conditions, such as nystagmus and aphakia, may benefit from wearing contact lenses, including children as young as infants. Older children who are prescribed glasses may also be able to wear contact lenses to correct routine vision problems. This is based on their specific vision problem and level of maturity, including whether they’ll be able to follow instructions for cleaning and handling their contact lenses. 

The optometrist at Akron Children's Vision Center is specially trained in fitting children in contact lenses. First, our staff will determine your insurance coverage and whether your child’s condition is related to a medical or vision problem. Insurance coverage for contact lenses varies, so we will determine what portion of the exam, contact lens fitting and contact lenses will be covered. 

At the fitting appointment, our optometrist and child-friendly staff will teach your child how to properly clean, insert and remove the lenses. After about two weeks, you and your child will return for a follow-up visit to make sure they are comfortable wearing contact lenses, no further modifications are needed and to answer any of your questions. After the final contact lens fitting, you will receive a copy of your child's contact lens prescription. 

We can fill your child’s initial contact lens prescription as well as provide refills by mail within one year of your child’s eye exam. Rather than periodic refills, you may also choose to fill your child’s entire yearly prescription at once. 

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