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Chaplaincy Services

Our chaplains provide emotional and spiritual support for patients, families and staff of all faiths and cultures. Our chaplains respect your dignity and privacy and do not impose religious beliefs or practices. They are caring listeners. You set the agenda and determine the depth of any conversation you have.

Our mission is to:

  • provide chaplaincy services to patients, families and staff
  • increase awareness of the role of spiritual values in patient care
  • provide education for clergy and staff

Our program exists in a multicultural and religiously diverse institution, and we respect and advocate the rights of each individual. Through a caring presence during significant moments, the dignity of each individual and the sacredness of the gift of human life are affirmed.

Providing spiritual care

We define spiritual care as the service which assists people in making connections to whatever sustains them spiritually (values and beliefs), and to help them find meaning in the experience of crises, whether or not they are part of a particular religion. Where religion is present, spiritual care seeks to help people experience, as fully as possible, the reality of God’s presence and love in their lives.

Our chaplains are available to serve you when you:

  • Are anxious about your child’s condition

  • Are anticipating surgery

  • Receive bad news

  • Are facing difficult decisions

  • Have a religious question

  • Want to pray with someone

  • Want to receive a sacrament or other religious rites

  • Are struggling with the meaning of illness

  • Are grieving a loss

  • Are having trouble sorting out feelings

  • Are feeling lonely

Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day, and anyone may request a visit from one of them. Call for more information:

Akron campus:   call 330-543-8254, or dial 0 for the on-call chaplain 24 hours a day.

Mahoning Valley Campus:    call 330-746-8667, or dial 0 for the on-call chaplain 24 hours a day.

Chaplaincy Services offers a variety of pre-recorded religious events for our patients, families and anyone else who would like to view these programs.

We invite you to join us on December 24 for a celebration of Christmas! This service includes inspirational messages, seasonal hymns, scripture readings and prayers honoring the birth of Jesus.

Click here to view the service.

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