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Akron Children's Health Collaborative for Providers

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Providers have played a key role in the initial design of the Akron Children’s Health Collaborative (ACHC). Provider partnership and engagement are essential to improving the health of children throughout the Northeast Ohio region. ACHC is a provider-led and provider-driven organization. Our contracted provider network includes independent pediatricians and family medicine providers, Akron Children’s employed pediatricians, as well as pediatric subspecialists, behavioral health providers, women’s care providers, Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

Through value-based contracts in 14 counties in Northeast Ohio, ACHC provides services, such as care management. Along with more resources for care management, participating providers also receive one-on-one support from practice support specialists. These specialists collaborate with providers to identify tools and resources for performance improvement to help meet practice and patient goals and ensure care is delivered efficiently, effectively and equitably.

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Join the Network

Our partnerships with pediatric care providers in Northeast Ohio are essential to improving patient care and the health of children in our community. By joining the Akron Children’s Hospital Collaborative (ACHC) network of providers, you can take advantage of the benefits of an accountable care organization (ACO) including:

  • Enhanced care coordination services to improve patient outcomes and optimize the management of chronic conditions.
  • Participation in the design and use of peer-reviewed clinical pathways and protocols.
  • Access to analytical and clinical tools to identify at-risk children and care gaps.
  • Simplified relationships with payors.
  • Participation in new value-based contracts with the potential for incentives and other payments.
  • Stronger connections with other providers to share best practices and create solutions.
  • Opportunities to shape ACHC’s clinical, contracting, financial and technology strategies through participation in committees and other provider-led bodies.

Requirements for Participation

Participants in the network must meet the following general requirements, which may be amended over time by the ACHC Board of Directors:

  • Provide pediatric care and maintain an unrestricted provider license.
  • Participate in the ACO as defined by our Participation Policy.
  • Share data, and maintain clinical and administrative IT infrastructure to facilitate timely data sharing.
  • Comply with all other ACHC policies and procedures.

We do not require providers to share in the risk of the actual cost of care assumed under any payor partnership.

To learn more about participation in ACHC, contact

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to be employed by Akron Children’s or abandon my medical staff privileges at other hospitals?

No, a key benefit of participation with ACHC is that it allows community providers to collaborate without sacrificing independence. As a regional integrated and independent organization, we understand the value of independence. ACHC does not preclude participants from maintaining their own private practice or restrict the facilities to which they can refer or provide services.

Will participation in ACHC require me to change the way I practice medicine?

To some extent, yes. Participants will design and implement clinical protocols and care pathways for cross-continuum coordination, evidence-based medicine, and patient engagement. Practice support specialists will assist providers in the implementation of these improvements and provide data reports identifying additional areas for improving quality metrics. This quality-based model will require adoption by all participants to be successful.

Am I obligated to use ACHC providers for all referrals/consults?

No, providers are encouraged to refer patients to the most appropriate specialist (based on patient’s location, insurance coverage and timely access).

How will I be paid by ACHC and how will it affect my regular compensation?

Participants will maintain their existing fee-for-service (FFS) contracts with payors. However, ACHC provider groups can earn incentive compensation for collaboration, engagement, improvement and overall performance. Incentives will be paid to the practice tax identification number according to ACHC’s Incentive Policy. Practices will be responsible for determining the distribution of ACHC incentive funds to their providers. Providers are required to complete the performance year to remain eligible for distribution of provider incentives.

What happens if I do not want to remain in ACHC after joining?

ACHC participation automatically renews annually. Participants may leave ACHC at any time without cost by notifying ACHC in writing of their intention to exit the network.

Is ACHC a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)?

No, a CIN is a network of providers who share information to improve quality of care, reduce costs, and may jointly negotiate fee-for-service (FFS) contracts with payors. ACHC envisions supporting relationships between payors and participating provider groups, but does not plan to jointly negotiate FFS contracts in the near-term.

Can I join other CINs if I join ACHC?

Yes, participants are free to become members in other CINs and ACOs, as long as they continue to honor all requirements, responsibilities and obligations to ACHC. This requirement is subject to change and approval by the ACHC Board of Directors.

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