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Kidney Stone Clinic

Akron Children’s offers a Pediatric Kidney Stone Clinic for the increasing number of children and teens who experience urinary stones. Kidney stones form when there are changes in the normal balance of water, salts and other materials found in urine. By providing coordinated care with our nephrologists, urologists and dietitians, our clinic ensures your child will receive all the services they need to treat existing stones and prevent future ones from forming.

Risk factors.

One out of 10 adults will develop kidney stones in their lifetime. Kidney stones were once thought to be an adult diagnosis, however the incidence in children and teens has increased five-fold in the last two decades. Diet, lifestyle and genetics can all contribute to kidney stone formation. 

Specialized care.

As in adults, kidney stone attacks in children and teens can be very painful. Treatment includes offering pain relief and increasing water intake to allow small stones to pass on their own. In some cases, surgical procedures may be necessary to remove larger stones blocking the flow of urine, and causing urinary tract infection or kidney injury. 

Prevention of kidney stones.

Patient and parent education for the prevention of future stones is a key element of our clinic. Once a kidney stone occurs, there is a significant increased risk of having another. An in-depth analysis of your child’s diet and stone composition will allow us to tailor our approach to your child’s individual needs. A 24-hour urine test and blood tests will help us determine the cause of your child’s kidney stone. The clinic’s dietitians will obtain a detailed diet history at your child’s first appointment and guide you in making changes. The prevention of kidney stones is centered around dietary changes, although the doctor may recommend medications as well. 


Kidney stones have recently been recognized as an understudied disease by the National Institutes of Health. At Akron Children’s Kidney Stone Clinic, there are multiple ongoing studies aimed at improving the clinical care and long-term health of children with kidney stones. We are proud participants in the “Collaborative Research on Children with Kidney Stones” or CROCKs study. This is a large, multicenter study aimed at identifying underlying metabolic risk factors, as well as potential environmental risk factors for kidney stone formation in children. With this information, we can better identify those children at risk for kidney stones and improve strategies for preventing them.

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Akron Children's Hospital Pediatric Nephrology, Akron
Main Hospital Building
214 West Bowery Street
7th floor - Orange Elevator
Akron, Ohio 44308
Fax: 330-543-3980
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Nephrology, Boardman
Akron Children's Hospital Pediatric Nephrology, Boardman
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Akron Children's Hospital Pediatric Nephrology, Mansfield
Akron Children's Health Center
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Our Doctors/Providers


Stephen Cha, MD

Director, Pediatric Hypertension Clinic; Pediatric Nephrologist


Curtis Clark, MD

Pediatric Urologist

Accepting New Patients


Kirsten Kusumi, MD

Pediatric Nephrologist


Shefali Mahesh, MD

Medical Staff President; Associate Chair, Department of Pediatrics; Director, Division of Pediatric Nephrology; Interim Director, Division of Rheumatology; Pediatric Nephrologist


Eric Massanyi, MD


Daniel McMahon, MD

Director, Pediatric Urology; Pediatric Urologist


Deepti Narla, MD

Pediatric Nephrologist


Rupesh Raina, MD, FACP, FAAP

Pediatric Nephrologist


What Should Families Expect When They Come for an Appointment?

At Akron Children’s, your child’s health and safety is our priority. Please continue to bring your child for wellness visits, vaccinations or sick care appointments that keep children healthy. We want to assure you that we have taken additional precautions to ensure a safe environment for your child and family. The following are additional safety efforts, in addition to our normal cleaning protocols, that we are taking to help you be comfortable bringing your child to an appointment.

Masking and Other Safety Protocols

Akron Children’s has a number of safety protocols in place for our patients and visitors in order to provide a safe hospital environment.