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Chronic Care Education and Support

Akron Children’s Chronic Care Education and Support in Boardman works closely with providers to offer children chronic disease care, with a focus on teaching prevention and self-management skills so kids can better participate in school and their community.

Our services are guided by the Chronic Care Model, which has been adopted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other national
disease organizations, including the American Diabetes Association.

It is our goal to provide children with the best care possible, ensure healthy outcomes and empower them to reach their full potential – as kids and adults.

Who provides these services?

  • Nurses and CNPs
  • Dietitians
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Chronic illness coordinator

How can we help kids achieve self-management?

  • Design age-appropriate education and resources
  • Use tools, such as Telehealth and Facetime, to provide broader access to health care
  • Address a child’s psychosocial needs through chronic illness support
  • Facilitate disease-specific support groups
  • Track progress and care to get positive outcomes and identify areas for improvement
  • Schedule daycare or school visits to coordinate care and provide on-site support

How can patients receive these services?

  • A physician referral
  • Caregivers or school personnel may contact us directly

How much do services cost?

We offer these services as a community benefit, in addition to grants and generous community donations to our programs.

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