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Adoptive Health Services

Akron Children's Hospital is among a handful of children’s hospitals that provides specialized medical services for adoptive families. We help you gain knowledge and understanding about the medical, emotional and developmental histories of your potential child and offer guidance during the adoption process and beyond.

Preparation and knowledge are the keys to a healthy adoption. That’s why we provide ongoing advice and support about issues related to domestic, international and special-needs adoptions.  

Pre-adoption counseling.

Medical records for adoptive children can be very sketchy or absent. We’ll help you put the puzzle pieces together so you can be prepared and educated about the needs and issues of the child you plan to adopt.

Our review of his or her medical and mental health records enables us to help you understand current and potential medical, developmental and mental health needs. This may include conditions related to poor nutrition, prematurity, lack of prenatal care and genetic diseases.

Post-adoption consultation.

Many of our families visit us years after the initial adoption when a health condition arises, if school challenges emerge, or issues of personal identity surface. We try to celebrate a child’s adoptive history and empower the child, family and school to celebrate their adoptive journey as well.

If medical issues exist, our team is available and ready to help connect you to the services your child needs.

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Pediatric Primary Care, Fairlawn
Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics, Fairlawn
701 White Pond Drive
Suite 100
Akron, Ohio 44320
Fax: 330-865-1260
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Molly Shaw, MD

Pediatrician, Adoptive Health Specialist

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