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Privigen Randomized Study for Pediatric CIDP

Single vs. Multiple Privigen Dose Regimens in Pediatric CIDP


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Who May Qualify?:

Male or female patients 2 to <17 years of age with confirmed or possible chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)

Who Does Not Qualify:

Patients with:

  • History or family history of inherited neuropathy
  • Diagnosed developmental delay or regression
  • History of thrombotic episode
  • Known or suspected hypersensitivity to Privigen
  • Known allergic or other severe reactions to blood products
  • Female subject of childbearing potential either not using or not willing to use a medically reliable method of contraception or not sexually abstinent during the study
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mother
Interested in participating?
We are currently recruiting
Study Sponsor:

CSL Behring

Full IRB Study Title:
Randomized Study of Single vs. Multiple Privigen Dose Regimens in Pediatric CIDP
IRB Study ID:
If you are interested in this study or have questions about your child's eligibility, please contact:

Hilary Tonni, Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute: 330-543-4734

Lead Investigator
Ian Rossman, MD, PhD

Pediatric Neurologist
NeuroDevelopmental Science CenterPediatric Neuromuscular ClinicPediatric NeurologyMitochondrial Center

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