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Perampanel in Young Children with Epilepsy

Perampanel as Adjunctive Therapy in Children 1 mo - 2 years with Epilepsy


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Study Status:
Full IRB Study Title:
An Open-Label Study With an Extension Phase to Evaluate the Pharmacokinetics of Perampanel (E2007) Oral Suspension When Given as an Adjunctive Therapy in Subjects From 1 Month to Less Than 24 Months (<2 years) of Age With Epilepsy
IRB Study ID:
If you are interested in this study or have questions about your child's eligibility, please contact:
Rebecca D. Considine Research Institute, 330-543-3193 or email
Lead Investigator
Michael Kohrman, MD

Director, Pediatric Neurology; Pediatric Neurologist
Pediatric Epilepsy ProgramTuberous Sclerosis ClinicNeuroDevelopmental Science Center

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