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Akron Children's Women's Board Presents:

Children's Tree of Lights

Join us virtually December 3rd at 5:30 p.m.

Join us for virtual holiday fun! Perkins Square Park at Akron Children’s Hospital will sparkle again this holiday season when the Children’s Tree of Lights is illuminated with thousands of blue and white lights. Unfortunately, for the safety of our patient families and visitors, this year’s Children’s Tree of Lights event will not be held in person. Instead, we will be sharing a video that captures the tree lighting ceremony, donor and honoree recognition, and the holiday spirit that have made this event a special holiday tradition for decades. 

Donate Today!

It’s not too late. You can help brighten the holidays for Akron Children’s patients by purchasing a light in honor or memory of someone special. By supporting the Children’s Tree of Lights, you’re bringing hope and joy to all, including the children and families who come to Akron Children’s. Honor, celebrate or memorialize your loved one with a light on the Children's Tree of Lights in Perkins Square Park.​


November 19, 2021


December 3, 2021
5:30 p.m.

Purchase a light or donate
Purchase a light or donate Purchase Online

Enjoy our video

Our video captures the tree lighting ceremony, donor and honoree recognition, and the holiday spirit that have made this event a special holiday tradition for decades. After the ceremony, don’t forget to look out the window to Perkins Square Park and enjoy the lights. ​

The History of the Children's Tree of Lights

The Children's Tree of Lights has 27 years of joy for Akron Children's families. In 1994, Women’s Board member, Nancy Heslop, had the idea of bringing together our hospital family for a live lighted tree celebration and worked with her team to bring this idea to fruition.

The colors of the hospital, blue and white, are represented in the lights that can be purchased as a symbolic gesture in remembrance, honor, or celebration of a person. The Bambino on top of the tree represents all the children served by our hospital.

Holiday Tree Festival with the Pollocks

Support Akron Children’s Hospital... Purchase Lights

Lights are sold individually or by the string. By supporting the Children’s Tree of Lights, you’re bringing hope and joy to all, including the children and families who come to Akron Children’s. Additionally, a permanent record of your gift will be kept in “The Children’s Tree Memory Book” located at Akron Children’s Hospital.

1st Friday of December through the end of December brings the light and joy.

All proceeds benefit the hospital and lights may be purchased in the following amounts: $10 – blue light 
$25 – white light 
$50 – string of blue lights 
$100 – string of white lights 

Purchase lights >

A Poem...

‘Twas A Night Before Christmas …​

'Twas a night before Christmas, in the dark of December, At the end of a year we would always remember;​

When a virus appeared, giving everyone pause, Safety for others was our rallying cause;​

Masks donned, hands washed, we all did our part, How did we know this was only the start?​

But as trees lost their leaves and temperatures dipped, Our Women’s Board vowed, “The lights would be lit!”​

To honor and remember, those present and past, Apart but together, their hearts still held fast.​

The night would be virtual, but the sentiment real, We don’t need to gather to feel what we feel.​

So out came the strings, some white, some blue, Sponsored in memory of those who were true.​

Their twinkles would grace a tree nestled in snow, With a bambino topper basking in the glow.​

And many more lights glistened hither and yon, Had the holiday spirit ever been gone?​

The seeds were now planted for holiday trees, Their branches weighed heavy with baubles and beads.​

The Menorah burned brightly, its shadows were cast, Commemorating eight days of flames in the past.​

The Kinara lights shone for everyone to see, A kindling for culture, heritage and unity.​

Our hospital chaplain added to the fire, Sharing these thoughts that are sure to inspire:​

Now surely you feel it, what more could it take? Oh, maybe it’s time for a musical break.​

The Miller South choir lends their voices through Zoom, With this medley of songs to fill up your room. ​

Wasn’t that lovely, hearts brimming with song, Bringing forth echoes of lightings now gone.​

There is but one task left to complete, A button to push to finish this fete.​

To find our way forward, we’ll take a look back, And give a past helper a virtual crack​

At lighting the tree on this glorious night, Casting the colors o’er blankets of white.​

Let the countdown begin, oh isn’t this fun, We’ll start it at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … ​

I thank you for joining as the night nears it’s close, But I would be remiss if I didn’t thank those,​

Whose kindness apparently doesn’t know bounds, We have them to thank for these lights and these sounds.​

I ask that you take just a moment to see, Their names on the lists when I’ve finished my spree.​

I now take my leave on this evening so bright, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”​