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Meet Zenia N., Parent Mentor at Akron Children's

Zenia N.

Zenia's Story

Hello my name is Zenia. I am a parent mentor for children with sickle cell disease. I want to provide support, education and encouragement to children and family members affected by this condition.

I am a parent of two children with sickle cell. My daughter, who is now in her early twenties has sickle cell disease and my teenage son has sickle cell trait. I have experienced some nights in the ICU as well as some admissions on the hematology/oncology unit. During those times, I felt very alone and scared for my daughter. I did not have the support I needed and at times I believed my world would be changed due to my daughter's health condition.

My son has never been admitted into the hospital for having the trait. My son plays sports and with all of the new research on sickle cell trait it is imperative that families are aware of the relationship between sickle cell trait and playing sports.

I have worked as a hematology/oncology registered nurse, which has provided me with the medical professional experience about this condition. I am also a member of several sickle cell support groups in Akron and Columbus. I do believe education and strong encouragement will help empower and uplift both children and families affected with Sickle Cell. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you and your family.

Zenia is a parent mentor for these conditions: Sickle Cell Anemia.

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Zenia N. is a parent mentor for these conditions: Sickle Cell Anemia .

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