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Meet Shawna R., Parent Mentor at Akron Children's

Shawna R.

Shawna's Story

My name is Shawna Roach.  I am married to my husband Eric and we have three beautiful daughters -Tyler, Maddy, & Mackenzie. We live in Jackson Township and are actively involved in community service, fundraising, and giving back. I became a member of the Parent Advisory Council and a Parent Mentor to offer support and encouragement to families of children that are hospitalized or have experienced traumatic brain injury, brain tumors or a similar diagnosis.

When our daughter Mackenzie was eight, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and underwent an eight-hour brain surgery.  After surgery, she developed a rare condition known as Posterior Fossa Syndrome. This caused the inability for her to speak, swallow, walk, talk, sit up, or even open her eyes.  She was hospitalized for 120 days and received extensive inpatient rehab followed by several months of day rehab. While Mackenzie still has areas that she struggles with such as balance and coordination, she has made a tremendous recovery and her drive and determination have served as a daily reminder of why we continue to give back.

Shawna is a parent mentor for these conditions: ADHD, Brain Injury, Brain Tumor, Hydrocephalus, Juvenile Pilocytic Astrocytoma, Posterior Fossa Syndrome.

Shawna is a mentor for these care services: Cancer, Developmental Delay, Eye, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Rehab, Surgery

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