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Meet Marjorie C., Parent Mentor at Akron Children's Hospital

Marjorie C.

Marjorie's Story

I am the proud parent of my 14-year-old son Alex, who lives with a mood and anxiety disorder. The search for answers on his condition is relentless, and often unsuccessful, but has created the path to my current role as a parent advocate for Mental Health America. I draw upon my experiences as Alex’s parent to advocate for the mental health needs of families. My passion for eliminating stigma, building resiliency and changing the current mental health system is fueled by the struggles and successes that my son and I encounter on a daily basis. One of my favorite authors, Dr. Ross Greene, guides my philosophical approach to my life’s work with Alex and others: “Children do well if they can.”

Marjorie is a parent mentor for these conditions: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Dysthymia, Mood disorders.

Marjorie is a mentor for these care services: Mental Health, Orthopedics

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