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Meet John H., Parent Mentor at Akron Children's

John H.

John's Story

When my wife was pregnant with our daughter, she went to a check up with her doctor and she discovered that the baby's heart beat sounded very fast. She recommended us to the heart center to have further testing. As a result, we found out that our daughter had double outlet right ventricle. Initially, we were stunned by this news and we immediately began to worry what this would mean for our daughter's future. The doctors talked us through her diagnosis and let us know how it could be repaired. Ultimately, she had open heart surgery at the age of 10 months old, and after some immediate follow up complications, she has been doing well. She is a very healthy, happy and active six year old.

John is a parent mentor for these conditions: Double Outlet Right Ventricle.

John is a mentor for these care services: Cardiology, NICU, Surgery

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Mentor Gallery Photo

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