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Meet Donella G, Parent Mentor at Akron Children's Hospital

Donella G

Donella's Story

Our oldest son was diagnosed with high functioning autism in his early teenage years. Because of the late detection, we struggled to have him accept the help he needed. As his mother, I experienced bouts of guilt and even shame because I felt that it was somehow my fault for missing it earlier in his life.

Years later our youngest son was misdiagnosed with what appeared to be a more common growing pains. However, because I myself was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis later in life, I kept searching to see if his chronic pain could be stemming something more serious. Soon after our search to remedy his leg pain, he was accurately diagnosed with Blount's disease. At the young age of 11, he underwent an extensive knee surgery. Years later, he now has 4 titanium screws & a plate in his knee. He successfully continues with physical therapy & participates in team sports.

Donella is a parent mentor for these conditions: Blount's Disease.

Donella is a mentor for these care services: Autism, Feeding and Nutrition, Orthopedics

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